Psychology Department


The Department of Psychology was established in 1970. The aim of the department is to prepare students for their professional journeys in the dynamic, diverse and ever-growing field of Psychology. The Department has separate class room and Laboratory room. Laboratory room, meant for the practicum work for the students, is equipped with different psychological tools. The major activities of the department are regular class work, internal assessment, Pre-university examinations, and remedial classes for all students (both theory and practical). In addition to lecturing as the primary mode of instruction, teaching is also interactive with due emphasis on presentations and discussions and also experiential exercises and peer mentoring. The modern teaching method with the aid of projectors to provide audio-visual inputs have been practice in the department.

The Department has a unique and unbroken practice of Third year students going for a field study accompanied by two teacher advisers. During this field study, students take up independent research projects, evolve hypotheses, choose appropriate concepts and research techniques and execute the research to furnish a final report.

From time to time, the Department organizes Workshops, Quiz competition and Invited Guest Lectures for the benefit of students. The Department has planned to run a Counseling unit in the college which will be used by both staffs and students. The Department encourage the students to participate in the annual sports, annual function, different programme of the college, the students’ performance in these fields are remarkably good. Additionally, the psychology department provides a platform for students to showcase their unique talents as they take the responsibility for organizing programs on special occasions such as Fresher’s day, teacher’s day, and farewell. Students are also interested and participated in the NCC and NSS unit of the college. The faculty members of the department are actively engaged in research work and also published research articles in reputed journals on regular basis. The Department maintains a long term association with the students even after passing out from the college and encourages individual autonomy, responsiveness to student/parent needs & feedback, and gives ample opportunities for vast exposure to the students. Warm teacher-student relationship & strong alumni render strong support to the Department. Several former students enjoy gratifying careers in the corporate world while others have moved into realms such as teaching, advertising, media, theatre and law.

Non teaching Staff-

Mr. Chandrasen Sonkar, Lab Assistant

Mr. Premchand