Hindi Department


Department of Hindi was established in 1970 and is thus one of the oldest departments in college. Department has two permanent teaching faculties. The department imparts sound base and result oriented coaching to the students using modern linguistic tools. The department provides the best ambience for Hindi learning. An effective teaching learning and tutorial system is in force in the department. Test papers, assignments and group discussions are organized to monitor the academic performance of the students. Students with a keen interest in the language and the astuteness to explore various aspects of the Indian social tapestry and history through language and literature can benefit tremendously from such courses. Overall, the subject of Hindi connects students to a glorious past, explores the creative genius of many writers, fuels the power of the imagination and sensitises them towards many issues existing in the contemporary. Students are also enthused to participate in debates and public speaking so that they learn the art of stating arguments, putting their points in logical order and making convincing statements.