Geography Department


The Department of Geography was established in 1978. The subject of geography straddles the natural and human realms, acting as a bridge between the natural and social sciences. A student of geography is exposed to a fascinating world – one that stretches far beyond what is easily visible on the surface of the Earth. It extends into the uppermost limits of the atmosphere, and then further into space that lies thereafter, into the deepest oceans and then deeper still into the interior of the Earth. The main vision of the department is to enrich gap in the knowledge of geographical science to generate competent human resource for successful assessment of geographical features of the region, to explore different geographical qualities of high land and surrounding area with various aspects of ecology specially land, mines, forest and water resource. The department has separate class room and laboratory room. The department is well-equipped with learning resources and various facilities like well-equipped laboratory, computer and projector facilities, necessary infrastructure to meet academic demands of the students.