English Department


The Department of English, one of the prestigious departments in the college, started functioning with the inception of the college in 1970. Ever since, it has made giant strides in imparting quality education. The faculty is well-known for its rigorous approach and uncompromising attitude, belying the common belief that English is an easy course. The Department of English enhances the interpretative and expressive skills of students in an intellectual environment that is stimulating and nurturing. The classes are lively, interactive spaces where students are encouraged to share their own perceptions, ask searching questions, and engage in discussions in an atmosphere that fosters self-expression balanced with respect for the right of others to voice their opinions. It equips students with both a rigorous knowledge of the subject as well as a critical and analytical ability. The Department is pledged to bring out the best in students by moulding their character, sharpening their communicative skills and equipping them to face the varied challenges in life.