Economics Department


Department of economics started functioning in 1970. The Economics undergraduate programme provides a strong foundation in economic theory and quantitative tools of economic analysis. It also familiarises students with shifts in development paradigms with particular reference to the state of India’s people in pre and post independence period. The Department makes a constant effort to retool the discipline in a way that is both scientifically rigorous and socially relevant. The Department makes a constant effort to encourage students to be creative thinkers who can offer innovative solutions to problems arising in the community. All Departmental activities are focused towards stimulating students to use the tools acquired during the lectures to evaluate economic issues and in general provide intellectual leadership to the Economics profession. The Department is also strongly committed to imparting education that produces socially responsible, disciplined and sensitive citizens. The Department’s continuous emphasis on the understanding of the principles of Economics within a multidisciplinary framework has been a great motivator to its students to pursue their dreams and aspirations infused with a people-centric approach. These could involve admissions in prestigious institutions and placements in blue-chip companies.