Botany Department



Department of Botany was established in 1982 as Graduate course. The objective of the Department is to impart quality education to students. Department has always given emphasis on teaching and co-curricular activities. A well balanced curriculum having theory and practical and qualified faculty has been the hall mark of this department since its inception. The labs are equipped with LCDs, and OHPs. Class tests, Assignments, Hands on activities and Pre- university examinations are organized for the students to enhance their curricular performance. Study tours, Botanical garden visits, Guest lectures, Project exhibitions and Seminar are few of the co-curricular activities organized by the department which certainly prepare the students to face the future challenges.

Salient Features of the Department

  •  Well experienced and qualified staff.
  •  Well equipped and spacious laboratories.
  •  Well maintained collection and display of botanical specimens.

Departmental Activities (2018- 19)

  •  Regular quiz, essay and debate competition.
  •  Environmental awareness and Seedling plantation.
  •  Guest lecture on “Climate change and environmental conservation” by Prof. R. P. Shukla, Ex. Head, Department of Botany, DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur.
  •  Science Day Celebration.
  •  Participated in the Science exhibition.

Teaching Staff-

  •  Dr. SnehlataTripathi, M. Sc. (Botany), Ph. D.
  •  Dr. Sanjay Kumar Pandey, M. Sc. (Botany), Ph. D.

Non teaching Staff-

  •  Mr. Rajeev Chaudhri, Lab Assistant
  •  Mr. Vinod Singh, Lab Attendant

Future plan

  •  To Develop the ‘Digital Herbarium’ of associated plants in Sal forests of North-Eastern Uttar Pradesh.
  •  To maintain the Botanical garden by the department with medicinal plants.
  •  To submit Research Proposal to UGC, DBT etc.
  •  To organize Seminar, Workshop, Conferences.
  •  To start the ISRO- IIRS Outreach Program (EDUSAT)
  •  Setting up of Departmental Library
  •  Overall improvement of Departmental infrastructure