A Glance at the NCC in DAV Degree College


DAV Degree College has always played an important role in society as an edifice of knowledge and awareness and through awareness initiatives such as programs of NCC, NSS, and Rovers Rangers functioning under the realm of college curriculum. Students have been encouraged to participate in social reform activities such as social welfare programs, environment development, cleanliness drive and labour contribution with a view to spread awareness and information among all the members of society.

The DAV Degree College NCC sub unit Gorakhpur 46 V is affiliated to Uttar Pradesh battalion and has been functional in the college since 1986. As the Program Officer appointed to officiate the purview of the NCC within the college premises, Captain Vishwadeepak conducted and supervised all the activities of the NCC from 1986 to 1996. In March 1999, after completing three months of training from Officers Training Academy Kamthi, Nagpur, a full-time ANO was appointed. The NCC Sub Unit of DAV Degree College has always been active and ready to serve under the leadership and guidance of the 46th UP battalion, Gorakhpur. Students of the DAV Degree College have always proudly displayed the skills inculcated in NCC disciplines by developing a spirit of social service along with physical mental and weapon training with full enthusiasm.