Alumni Cell


We invite and solicit the presence of all former students of our college who had got admission in the college and completed at least one year/semester in a degree program (UG/PG). Our college takes great pride in the achievements and accomplishments of our alumni. We wish to bring valuable pieces of advice, experiences and any other contribution from our alumni that are needed to help improve and serve our college and the society at large. Therefore, college has constituted an alumni cell to provide a platform for our alumni to increase their involvement with their alma mater and foster interaction between them. It is an effort to stay connected with one another and the college, and to share knowledge and skills. Through this forum we wish to remain updated with the latest achievements of our alumni and not be deprived of the joy of accomplishment. We are one big family and share and rejoice in the success of one another. This alumni cell will help in renewing the bonds and associations of old which are a treasure in these days of weakening family and social bonds. For us alumni are not our past or former students - they are our future who may make strong contributions to the welfare of their alma mater.



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